Oil & Gas Industries

Vahterus Plate & Shell (PSHE) Heat Exchangers combine the benefits of traditional heat exchangers. Utilising a fully welded plate pack within a strong shell construction makes Vahterus PSHE the most compact, thermally efficient and cost effective heat transfer solution in many Oil & Gas applications. PSHE is an ideal solution for Upstream Processes, such as Oil & Gas Production, Handling and Transportation; and Downstream Processes, such as Refineries and Petrochemical Plants.

As the inventors and market leaders of Plate & Shell Technology, Vahterus PSHE is now used in many applications, across almost all industrial sectors. Using the thermal capabilities of corrugated plate technology, housed with a pressure vessel (shell), provides the user with a solution to many mechanical and operational issues, such as space and weight constraints. The flexibility of Vahterus PSHE can be demonstrated by the fact it can be operated in true counter-current flow (as shown above), co-current flow, by reversing either flow stream, or cross-flow, by simply moving the shell side nozzles to the side of the shell. The wide range of Vahterus PSHE plate sizes means that we can accommodate the needs of production environments ranging in scale from laboratory, to pilot plant, to full-scale production.

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